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Our Story

For over a decade, the founders of Sea Safari Cruises have been passionate about creating something extraordinary for Abu Dhabi, something that offers memorable experiences to sea excursions.

We thought, "How can we take advantage of that 700km archipelago coastline stretching, incubating more than 200 natural islands? We wanted a unique yet cultural and touristic expedition meant to enrich the tourism experience for the visitor and residents in Abu Dhabi.

Our culture's core values stance is that if we take great care of our people, we will give great care to our customers, create a great experience, and give perfect service. So please get to know us and become a Sea Safari Cruise Citizen.


We promise you!

With the diverse programs, we deliver leisure
tours to all of the hidden islands and the best
of Abu Dhabi waterscapes. So from the very
moment you step aboard one of our boats,  you will know that you made the right

decision by booking us.

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