Explore fishing - AED 1400

 Take a break from the city and join us for an introduction fishing trip around the coasts of Abu Dhabi, suitable for families, beginners and fun-seekers


Father and Son Fishing

Deep-sea fishing - AED 2500

Push your limits and book our daring deep sea fishing experience, our experts who have gathered the best fishing spots and techniques are ready to take you to the next level

Fisherman on Fishing Boat

Spear fishing - AED 2500

Whether you are experienced or just curious about it, Sea Safari offers you 3 categories based on your experience, (beginner, moderate and advanced) our experts will assess your background and customize the best fit for you,

caution: highly addictive for daredevils!


Customise your own trip

Have a special plan?

Whether it’s a group gathering or family outing, No worries, speak to one of our dream makers and they will make it come true.

Fishing Reels and Rods